Thermoplastics "Our technology is the key to your success!"
Our technological diversity means you get a tailor-made solution!
Our technology is the key to your success!

Our coating facility can process a wide variety of woven materials with a plastic layer of up to 2.3 m width. This method is also used to bond two substrates. Additional stability can also be incorporated into the coating in the form of layers, for example. Through the use of co-extrusion, additional properties can be added to the material, for example, flame retardant materials or bonding agents.

Through the use of a solvent-containing multi-component adhesive, the systems allows us to bond substrates with a width of up to 1.6 m. By means of this and based on our extensive expertise in adhesives, we can produce multi-layer laminates with customer-specific properties on request. The current Lenzing Plastics record is materials with 14 layers.

The production of two or three-layer composites is carried out on the thermo-bonding system using two heated calendar rollers. Non-woven fabrics are primarily bonded with different membranes or films of the same type of raw material with high pressure and temperature, without the additional use of adhesives. In the same processing step, the product can be printed over the entire material width using the in-line flexographic printing unit. The system's width of 3.0 m ensures flexible and efficient production.

The production width of more than three meters is just one of the outstanding features of this latest large-scale system at Lenzing Plastic's machinery facility. Various substrates can be bonded through the application of high-quality hot melt adhesives. The facility has a duplex application unit, which enables bonding of four materials in one processing step. In addition, an in-line printer ensures maximum efficiency in the production process.

With our coextrusion casting and blown film systems, a wide variety of PE and PP films can be produced. Most of the systems are equipped with an in-line MDO, which makes it possible to stretch these films in the axial direction). Special products with flame retardants, colored films, UV-protected films and other additive products can also be produced. With extensive professional expertise (not only in the field of PE and PP), we can create tailor-made and, if required, high-strength film products for various applications as well.

Plastic tape can be used for many purposes. In order to find the perfect tape for every occasion, we specialize in blowing, casting and water bath technology, and we manufacture mono-axial stretched tape. Our high tear resistance and exact color accuracy are the result.

Weaving is one of mankind's oldest techniques. As one of the few remaining weaving companies in central Europe, we specialize in the production of plastic fabrics, using the latest technology, and we offer both linen weaving and gauze weaving.

In order to offer our customers solutions that are as comprehensive as possible, we have implemented a variety of processing technologies in our company.

In order to satisfy as many of our customers as possible, we operate an entire series of rewinding systems. Various roll lengths, roll diameters, sleeve core diameters and roll weights can be produced quickly, flexibly and individually with these systems. We offer all variants, from large rolls for industry to small rolls for retail use. Especially in the construction sector, sheeting connections are essential. Therefore, we integrate adhesive tape, where required, for easier application in rolls for roof sheeting and barrier insulation. Of course, tailor-made designs are also possible here.

Our cutting systems enable the partial production of films, laminates, fiberglass composites and other reinforced products. We can also produce cross-wound products in cutting widths up to 35 mm, spreading widths of up to 320 mm and a maximum external diameter of 400 mm.

We have in-line printing systems, as well as an off-line multi-color flexographic printing system to design every product exactly according to the customer's requirements. We can print logos, screens, warnings, and we can do full-surface printing. We can even print tapes with widths starting at 3 mm for cables and ropes.

As a complement to our extensive proprietary technology portfolio, in collaboration with long-standing partners, we also offer comprehensive expertise in finishing our products for customer-specific product solutions.