Laminates for protective textiles

Diverse requirements, even more possibilities

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Laminates for protective textiles and clothing

Diverse requirements, even more possibilities

Technical textiles have become an indispensable part of modern everyday and professional life. They are used in many areas, sometimes hidden in the background, sometimes in the center of attention. One particularly significant area of application is that of protective clothing.

Application examples of laminates for protective textiles

Medical protective clothing

Protective clothing for various occupational groups

Protective and functional textiles

PTFE multifilament yarns are the perfect material for technical textiles. Thanks to its low friction and anti-adhesive, water-repellent properties, PTFE is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear. This is exploited in medicine, for example in the manufacture of neurodermatitis clothing or wound dressings. PTFE functional clothing is also becoming increasingly popular in sports.

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