Colored photovoltaic encapsulation film

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Colored photovoltaic
encapsulation film

Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics

The best ratio between cost and energy efficiency combined with stylish aesthetics and high acceptance for people and nature – colored photovoltaics opens a new era of solar technology. It combines sustainability, design and performance in a unique way and paves the way to a greener future.

Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics

Unlimited color variety

Unlimited color variety, highest reproducibility and cool angle dependence – the best energy efficiency with patented technology.

ColorQuant® by Lenzing Plastics revolutionizes the industry with impressive performance and advanced features. This technology offers limitless color versatility, allowing for customized designs and aesthetic integration into a wide range of applications.

Manufacturers can reliably produce color variations that meet the specific requirements of architectural projects, urban infrastructure, preservation of original character, and other applications.

In addition, we achieve the best energy efficiency. Through optimized materials and advanced processing methods, maximum conversion of sunlight into electrical energy is achieved. As a result, colored PV modules offer not only aesthetic benefits, but also sustainable energy production.


  • Thermoplastic polyolefin copolymer
  • Adhesion promoter integrated
  • Best adhesion to glass,cell and backside
  • No cell corrosion
    (no peroxides, no aggressive degradation products)
  • Wide lamination window, increased lamination output
  • Recyclable


  • Simple to store
  • No additional process step
  • Reduced complexity
  • Low order quantity for standard colors
  • Made in Europe – stable partner
Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics
Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics

Color fidelity and durability

Thanks to more than 40 years of application experience, the color pigments have proven quality and reliability. This long-standing expertise guarantees excellent color stability over the lifetime of the PV modules.

Intense sunlight, high humidity or extreme temperatures – ColorQuant® by Lenzing Plastics is resistant and retains its color intensity. No undesirable color changes or fading occur, contributing to a long-lasting aesthetic effect and optimum performance.

In addition, ColorQuant® by Lenzing Plastics offers the best performance curve after tests such as Damp Heat and UV irradiation. Even under extreme environmental conditions, they maintain efficiency and energy generation. This outstanding performance ensures reliable power generation over a long period.

Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics
Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics
Colorquant® by lenzing Plastics

Do we want to live in a gray and dreary world? Or do we design our Environment in a colorful and sustainable way!

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