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Plastics in the automotive industry

Refined solutions for demanding applications

When supplying products and services for automotive manufacturing, high – and sometimes very specific – requirements have to be met. With years of experience and know-how, Lenzing Plastics has established itself as a manufacturer of plastic parts for the automotive industry. Our products are convincing in the production of interior components as well as in the heat shielding of temperature-sensitive areas. We also have precise solutions for packaging and in the field of passive safety. As an industrial partner, we develop and manufacture aluminum and plastic composites for a wide range of applications.

Applications of plastics in the automotive industry

Heat shielding with composite foils

Heat shielding is relevant for cable harnesses, wires and other temperature-sensitive components. We use heat-resistant aluminum-glass fabric composites to provide the optimal solution for each requirement. In addition, we manufacture flexible protective sleeves for wiring harnesses of vehicle electrical systems.

Transport protection membranes and packaging solutions

We supply well-known companies not only with plastic parts for the automotive industry, but also with customized packaging solutions – both for individual parts and for complete new cars. Special packaging is our profession, so to speak. We do our utmost to protect products from external hazards in the best possible way – especially with special transport protection membranes. They can be printed individually and have proven their worth in protecting individual parts or finished vehicles.

Interior components and interior trim

By producing sophisticated interior plastic parts for the automotive industry, we enable our customers to simplify various downstream processes and thus work more economically. For interiors, we use high-quality composite combinations – functional, durable and visually appealing. It goes without saying that our products and materials meet the highest quality and safety standards, for example through low flammability and resistance to external influences.

Covering and decorative nonwovens as well as decorative textiles

Decorative textiles and nonwovens are used in various places in automotive production, including parcel shelves, loading shelves and storage compartment lids. To guarantee the durability of their surfaces, they are provided with a coating or lamination that serves as a functional, solvent-free adhesive layer or as a barrier film against foam penetration. Covering fleeces are required in particular for acoustic elements in the engine compartment. Here, too, temperature-resistant, durable solutions are required.

Lower CO₂ emissions thanks to plastics in the automotive industry.

Did you know that the use of plastic in the automotive industry is a major factor in reducing CO₂ in transportation? The use of plastic can reduce the weight of individual parts by up to 80%. Since less CO₂ is emitted with every kilo of weight saved, this is a significant factor in total.

As a long-standing industrial partner, we know where plastics are needed in the automotive industry and how to provide the best possible solution with special products. In our research department, we are constantly developing our materials further – gladly also in cooperation with you.

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