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Your apprenticeship as an electrical engineer with two main modules

Become an all-rounder and start a steep career

Electrical engineers are all-rounders who are needed everywhere and at all times. For this reason, the apprenticeship as an electrical technician is divided into several modules. In the two-year basic electrical engineering module, you learn everything that has to do with electrical and electronic devices and systems. You then specialize. What’s special about the electrical engineering apprenticeship at Lenzing Plastics is that we give you the opportunity to specialize in not just one, but two main modules: automation and process control technology on the one hand, and plant and operating technology on the other.

This way you kill two birds with one stone and open up attractive opportunities for your career in a wide variety of fields. This apprenticeship at Lenzing Plastics is definitely a springboard to a successful professional future!

Tasks and challenges as an electrical engineer:in

Main module automation and process control technology

  • Setting up, commissioning and maintaining automation and process control systems
  • Searching for and correcting errors and faults in systems
  • Optimizing, adjusting and further development of control systems
  • Working on electrical, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems, in compliance with relevant safety regulations, norms, environmental and quality standards.

Main module system and operations engineering

  • Setting up, commissioning and maintaining electrical machines, devices and systems
  • Searching for and correcting errors and faults in electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Installing, testing and maintaining control and regulating systems, as well as correcting faults
  • Ensuring power supply in operations

Details about the apprenticeship

Apprenticeship period: 4 years (two primary modules)

Vocational school: 10-week course per apprenticeship year with accommodation at the school, vocational school 1 in Gmunden

Working hours: Day shift or flextime (shift work also possible with job experience)

Advancement opportunities: Team leader, foreman, master, managerial position in middle management or higher management position

Further training opportunities: Master craftsman school for electrical engineering and much more

The following is helpful: Technical understanding and interest in electrical systems

You will fit in best with us if you have the following:

  • Interest in technology and electricity
  • Good fine motor skills in hands and fingers
  • Manual skills
  • Logical/analytical thinking
  • Careful and accurate work
  • Good at arithmetic and physics
  • Willingness to work hard and to do physical work
  • Commitment, good communication skills and ability to work in a team

Are you looking for an apprenticeship that will challenge you in different areas and open up many opportunities? As a future electrical engineer at Lenzing Plastics, you'll enjoy comprehensive training in two specialty areas!