Hygiene Products

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Hygiene products – for everyday and hospital use

Films and laminates for surgical materials, medical protective clothing and functional textiles

The skin is the body’s largest organ – unsurpassed as a breathing protective barrier throughout life. We at Lenzing Plastics have made it our business to protect it and support it in all its functions to maintain our health and quality of life.

Thus, we have developed a wide variety of modern films, laminates and textiles for industrial hygiene products. They are hardly noticeable on the skin and provide excellent wearing comfort. In this way, our products make an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle – for people of all ages.

Hygiene products for sensitive skin - in daily life and in the medical sector

High wearing comfort, no skin irritation, breathable – these are the outstanding properties of hygiene products made of Lenzing PROFILEN® yarns and with plastic films from Lenzing Plastics. We supply high-quality films and laminates as well as cover nonwoven materials for further industrial processing. They are in particular demand in these areas:

  • Infant care
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Medical protective clothing
  • Disposable surgical materials
  • Packaging

Our customers appreciate the high and consistent quality of these basic products, which in turn enable them to maintain the quality of their hygiene products for all circumstances and maintain their place in the market.

Medical protective clothing and surgical materials

Products for medical applications – whether in the doctor’s office or in the hospital – are one of the major areas of application for Lenzing films, laminates and nonwovens. Our nonwovens are mainly used for the production of disposable surgical materials such as drapes or packaging for surgical cutlery, but also for medical protective clothing. The films and laminates, in turn, are indispensable in the production of, for example, ostomy bags, bags for blood preserves, pressure dressings, but also as carrier films of wound plasters, tapes, for elastic bandages and other dressings for wound care.

Hygiene products and functional textiles in everyday use

It is impossible to imagine daily life without certain hygiene products. Manufacturers of products for baby care or feminine hygiene in particular rely on our ultra-thin and breathable films. An important area of application for yarns from Lenzing Plastics is functional textiles such as protective clothing or sportswear.

Mainly allergy sufferers, neurodermatitis sufferers, diabetics and people with particularly sensitive skin benefit from paramedical textiles made of Lenzing PROFILEN®, which do not cause any skin irritations.

High-tech for your hygiene products

Whether it’s medical protective clothing, functional textiles, disposable surgical materials or hygiene products for everyday use: with nonwovens, films, laminates as well as fabrics from Lenzing Plastics you can keep the quality of your products high.

We would be happy to discuss special areas of application with you, for example for innovative products that you would like to launch on the market. But of course we are also at your disposal for all other questions. Contact us!

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