Jobs at Lenzing We have many different positions, both on a shift schedule or day shift under the flextime model. Find out more about the opportunities available.
We are always seeking motivated employees, including specialists, HTL (Higher Federal Technical Institute) or HAK (Commercial High-School) graduates, fresh out of university or technical college or people seeking lateral career changes - we look forward to receiving your application.
Make a career at Lenzing Plastics

Our work time models

We offer various work time models, depending on the position:

  • 2-shift model
  • 3-shift model
  • 4-shift model
  • Day shift model
  • Flextime model: Everyone who is not employed under one of the shift models works in the day shift model under flextime

Internships & summer work

We place a high value on our collaborations with schools and universities. Every year we offer students (required) internships in various areas of our company.

If you are interested in summer work or an internship, please fill out the application form (application period is early December to the end of February).

Bachelor's and master's thesis & dissertations

Research & development is extremely important to us.

This is why we regularly award bachelor's and master's thesis work and dissertation work to interested students. For your bachelor's/master's thesis or dissertation, you may either propose a specific subject yourself or work together with us on a relevant topic.

Jobs At the moment all our Jobs are assigned. We are looking forward to receive your unsolicited application.