Commercial horticulture

UV-resistant films are used in a wide range of applications

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Greenhouse films and commercial horticulture films

UV-resistant, durable, versatile

When protection from sun, wind and rain is required and chemicals may also be used, a material with exceptional properties is needed. In horticulture and landscaping, a wide range of uses opens up for sheeting from Lenzing Plastics: from UV-resistant cover protection and greenhouse films to sophisticated solutions for shading technology.

Environmentally friendly all-rounder in horticulture

Fabrics in shading technology

Individual solutions for agriculture and outdoor architecture

Due to the flexibility of our machinery we are able to meet individual customer requirements. This concerns the production of special materials but also designs. By adding various additives and colors as well as using different methods in processing, we can produce materials with individually desired properties. Finally, we implement your design in our in-house plastics weaving shop so that the end product fulfills all the required functions.

All-round, well thought-out, safe fabrications

Be it in shading technology, agriculture or horticulture – with our Thermoplast products, you are guaranteed to be on the safe side.

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