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Our plastics technologies – competence in plastics

Plastics, properly processed: the key to success

Plastics technology at the highest level and in line with the state of the art in science and technology – is what we at Lenzing Plastics attach great importance to. It is also why our customers enjoy working with us so much. In other words: We process our raw materials in such a way that the resulting products meet our customers’ requirements in the best possible way – better and more reliably than other products. In addition, we fulfill just about every wish with customized solutions and generate a unique value proposition for our business partners …

Plastics processing at Lenzing Plastics - decades of experience with PTFE and thermoplastics

Plastics such as PTFE and various thermoplastics require very specific, often demanding processing methods in order to achieve an optimal property profile. We have decades of experience in this field, having developed, refined and optimized most of the processing methods ourselves. For example, we use our own plastics technologies such as pressing, sintering and stretching as well as extrusion to process fluoropolymers into films, tapes, yarns, filaments or fibers. However, we also have several other processes in our portfolio of services, in which all customer requirements can be met with various conversion and winding technologies:

  • Extrusion coating/lamination: joining of web-shaped materials with plastics with a width of up to more than 3 m or joining of different substrates, possibly with incorporation of e.g. aluminum, scrims, flame retardants or UV stabilizers.
  • Adhesive lamination: bonding of substrates using multi-component adhesives to form multilayer laminates
  • Thermobonding: Production of multilayer laminates based on nonwovens with widths of up to more than 3 m and inline single-color printing.
  • Hotmelt technology: Bonding of different substrates using high-quality hotmelt adhesives. Up to four materials in one step.
  • Film extrusion: Production of customized monoaxially stretched PE, PP and barrier films. This plastics technology also allows the incorporation of additives with special properties.
  • Tape extrusion: blow, cast and water bath technology for the production of plastic tapes for a wide range of applications.
  • Flat weaving: One of the oldest processing methods of plastic. We use the latest technologies to produce plastic fabrics.

Plastics processing from A to Z - the further processing possibilities

It is important to us to offer our customers complete solutions wherever possible. Because we want them to gain an advantage on the market with our products – and to be able to maintain this advantage in the long term. That’s why at Lenzing Plastics you can choose not only from a variety of plastics processing methods, but also from a wide range of further processing technologies. These are:

  • Roll conversion/adhesive tape application
  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Embossing/perforating/lacquering/metallizing/formatting

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on our proven plastics technologies and further processing methods for plastics. Get in touch with your contact person and find out more.

We look forward to your inquiry.