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Construction and insulation – from facade membranes to laminating films

Saving resources, preserving values, serving people

In the construction and insulation industry, everything revolves around one thing: using resources as efficiently as possible and creating or preserving value. In contrast to this, there are constantly rising costs for materials and personnel and, increasingly, delivery bottlenecks. This calls for creativity and innovative solutions.

Lenzing Plastics is the ideal partner – experienced, flexible, imaginative, future-oriented. As a leading film manufacturer, we set sustainable standards in material performance. With innovative material combinations, we design plastic products that are precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements.

We think in your dimensions: trust a foil manufacturer who understands what you need

Efficient insulation of building and plant components is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change. Insulation solutions from Lenzing Plastics prove their worth in a wide range of applications:

Here you are sure to find the right product to sustainably insulate your buildings and facilities and protect them from heat, cold and moisture. Insulation solutions from Lenzing Plastics make your job easier when it comes to creating a healthy indoor climate in all seasons. In our portfolio, you will find products that are tried and tested and in demand, as well as products that are tailored to your specific needs. Here – in the so-called Jacketing – lies one of our strengths.

Residential and plant construction at the cutting edge - with forward-looking underlay and sarking membranes, vapor retarders, laminating films and more

Modern, energy-efficient residential and plant construction calls for the best of the best: insulation materials that lead the way for an entire industry. We at Lenzing Plastics have long recognized this. We are fully dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art roofing membranes, vapor retarders and insulation laminating films for pipe insulation of heating and venting systems. Our comprehensive and diverse know-how benefits our partners not only in residential or commercial construction. Industry also relies on our expertise in insulation in challenging areas.

Whether it's a vapor barrier, pipe insulation for heating systems or laminating foil - sometimes it has to be a special solution.

We are happy to meet your challenge. We are leaders in lamination and monoaxial stretching, not least because of the state-of-the-art and specialized technologies we use. With high-quality functional laminates, bio-materials and creative insulation products ranging from facade membranes to vapor barrier films, we open up unimagined possibilities for energy-efficient and cost-effective construction. Let our experts advise you – either we have the right product or we create it for you!

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