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Protective covers made of technical laminates

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Protective covers have one primary task: to protect things from external influences such as wind and weather, but also chemicals, heat and cold. Laminates from Lenzing Plastics are used for everything from swimming pool covers to high-tech solutions. Uncoated and coated fabrics made of highly tear-resistant plastic tapes are used in various industries. Lenzing Plastics products have also proven their worth as a base material for privacy and sun protection nets as well as special packaging of all kinds. The portfolio in this area is incredibly versatile – just like us.

Application examples in the field of protective covers

Swimming pool covers

Ideal conditions for the production of swimming pool covers.

Special packaging

Over the past decades, we have gained a great deal of experience in a wide variety of industries and know what is important when it comes to packaging – from food packaging and waterproof barrier films to packaging for temperature-sensitive car parts. With the help of different composite films, we can produce any special packaging and meet individual requirements.

Raschel knitted fabrics and technical fabrics in the agricultural sector

Various laminates are also used in agriculture and horticulture, for example as covering material for greenhouses or as shading fabrics in large-scale nurseries. Both uncoated and coated fabrics can be used here. The portfolio also includes raschel bags for agricultural products and wind, hail and bird protection nets.

Fabrics for privacy screens, advertising tarpaulins and the like

Lenzing Plastics’ technical laminates can also be used to produce various woven and raschel fabric products. Examples of applications include design fabrics, privacy and sun protection, scaffold protection nets and advertising tarpaulins. The great advantage here is that tarpaulins and nets can be designed as desired, are durable and withstand all external influences – both indoors and outdoors.

Durable solutions for a wide range of applications

When it comes to technical fabrics, manufacturers with know-how, innovative spirit and flexibility are called for. Our unique machinery enables us to produce laminates and fabrics of all kinds – and thus to fulfill individual orders. In cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of applications. Let us talk about your requirements!

From simple cover protection and coated fabrics for the agricultural sector to special products such as refrigerated rolling stock, we are your contact. We look forward to your inquiry!

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