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Thermoplastics – Processing technologies at Lenzing Plastics

Technology diversity for your specialty product

Thermoplastics have different properties depending on their chemical structure. In order to make optimum use of these and transfer them to a special product, a wide variety of technologies must be employed. Lenzing Plastics has been involved in the processing of thermoplastics for decades – and we have developed a variety of processing technologies that is second to none. With this “toolbox” we are able to realize customized solutions for you:

Extrusion coating/laminating - just as you need it.

Our coating lines are designed for web-shaped materials up to 3.22 m wide. This process can also be used to join several thermoplastic substrates; incorporated scrims provide additional stability. By coextrusion with flame retardants or adhesion promoters, we add additional properties to the material.

Adhesive lamination - take advantage of our adhesive know-how

By adding a solvent-based multicomponent adhesive, we can bond thermoplastic substrates up to 1.6 m wide. This allows us to produce multilayer laminates with customer-specific properties. 14 layers is our record to date.

Thermobonding - flexible and efficient production of thermoplastic composites

On our thermobonding line, we use two heated calender rolls to produce two- or three-layer thermoplastic composites. These are primarily nonwovens bonded together with different membranes or films of the same raw material type by high pressure and temperature – without adhesives. Printing can be carried out across the entire width of the material (up to 3 m) in the same process step. This makes it possible, for example, to produce multi-layer laminates very efficiently.

Hotmelt technology - bonding up to four materials in a single work step

By applying high-quality hotmelt adhesives, it is possible to join a wide variety of thermoplastic substrates with a production width of over three meters. The system features a duplex application unit. It bonds four materials in a single work step. An in-line printing unit ensures maximum efficiency in the production process.

Film extrusion - tailor-made film products from thermoplastics

With our film extrusion cast and blown film lines, we produce a wide variety of PE, PP and barrier films. These can also be highly stretched in the axial direction, for example to be breathable or high-strength. We also manufacture thermoplastic film products with properties such as flame retardancy, colors, UV protection, etc. Rely on our extensive professional expertise when you need customized or high-strength thermoplastic film products for a wide range of applications.

Tape extrusion - tear-resistant and color-accurate

We specialize in blow, cast and water bath technology, producing monoaxially oriented tapes from thermoplastics for any application.

Flat weaving - high-quality thermoplastic fabrics

Lenzing Plastics is one of the few still active weavers in Central Europe – but of course works with state-of-the-art technology. We process thermoplastics into fabrics with a wide range of properties and offer both plain weave and leno weave.

Do you also want to benefit from our large technology pool? Whether film extrusion, flat weaving or lamination: With our technologies, we process thermoplastics into products according to your ideas. We are also happy to modify the properties of thermoplastics to suit your product requirements.

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