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Barrier film – the transport packaging for moisture-sensitive goods

Dry and safe on the road

When sensitive and valuable goods are traveling, it is best to do so in a barrier film from Lenzing Plastics. Barrier films are high-quality laminates for packaging products that are sensitive to moisture and other environmental influences. Barrier films from Lenzing Plastics are tested and quality-certified transport packaging that meet international standards.

Barrier films - the smart protective screen against undesirable environmental influences

Moisture is a major risk during the transport of goods. In hermetically sealed transport packaging, condensation, mold or rust readily form due to temperature fluctuations. This is especially the case with very long transports by land, water or air. The solution is barrier film in combination with desiccants.
This innovative transport packaging protects sensitive products of all kinds from humidity, water vapor or gases. From goods made of steel, aluminum or iron to foodstuffs and wood to complex machinery and equipment, under a barrier film your packaged goods arrive just as you sent them off: in their original condition and perfect quality.

Arrive safely in air freight and sea freight compliant packaging

The value of transport packaging becomes particularly apparent when the product is on the move for a longer period of time, such as by air or sea. Here, barrier films prove to be the ideal airfreight and seafreight packaging solution. Especially when transported by air or sea, packaged products are exposed to special stresses and unusual influences, such as changes to other climatic zones.

In particular, reloading and subsequent transport to the consignee or end consumer are often hard on sensitive packaged goods. Transport packaging made of barrier film takes on all these challenges. Protected in this way, you can send your products to the ends of the earth with peace of mind.

Barrier film has many advantages - use them!

Are you looking for packaging suitable for sea freight? Your product is going airborne and needs packaging that will make it air freight ready? Are you shipping perishable food that must not lose any of its flavor and moisture inside? Rely on barrier film from Lenzing Plastics – as an inexpensive and high-quality transport packaging, it meets virtually every requirement … and it also protects your products after transport, for example when they are displayed on the shelves.

It is ideally suited for all packaging machines and can be further processed into sacks, bags and hoods or as a box insert or any special shapes.

Let our experts show you the possibilities that barrier film from Lenzing Plastics can open up for you. The perfect transport packaging is just a phone call away for you, too - contact us!

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