More than 50 years

of Lenzing Plastics

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More than 50 years of Lenzing Plastics

Half a century of passion for plastics processing

Lenzing’s location in the heart of Europe and access to resources such as wood, coal and water were optimal factors for establishing a paper-processing plant and subsequently one of the most modern fiber operations.

From paper to plastics processing - the beginnings of Lenzing Plastics

The production of cellulose fibers necessitated the need for suitable export packaging in order to ship the fibers to customers all over the world. In the 1960s, attempts were therefore made to produce high-strength packaging using polyethylene. This led to the founding of Lenzing Plastics in 1966 and the invention of the monoaxial stretching process as well as the development of the special machine technology required for this. This also gave rise to the plastics machinery manufacturing company SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH, which is also renowned worldwide.

Lenzing Plastics - sustainable plastic products

For many decades, Lenzing Plastics, a plastics processing company with global operations, has been an integral part of the market for PTFE and thermoplastic products. We are a partner to companies from a wide range of industries, who in turn sell high-quality and innovative products, relying on the quality of our plastics and the expertise of our specialists. We produce customized plastic products (PTFE, polyolefins, bio-polymers, TPU, TPE, PA, EVOH, PVOH, PET, PUR, PVC … and recyclates) using state-of-the-art laminating and stretching technologies. Our range of products and services makes us a leader in these areas of plastics processing.

We would be pleased to put our comprehensive know-how in thermoplastic and PTFE processing at your service. Whether you are interested in one of our standard products, are looking for innovative special solutions or need a partner to implement your own ideas: The professionals at Lenzing Plastics will advise and guide you. Contact us and take the first step towards an exceptional collaboration.