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Special solutions from roofing membranes to surgical PTFE sutures

Products from Lenzing Plastics - indispensable in many industries

Lenzing Plastics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products made from bio-materials, polyolefins, engineering plastics and fluoropolymers. For example, roofing membranes, vapor control membranes, MDO films, fabric applications or various PTFE products: We operate in numerous markets worldwide with our high-quality, customer-specific niche solutions. These include the following industries in particular:

  • Construction & Insulation
  • Sealing technology & plant engineering
  • Medical components & hygienic products
  • Films, Foils & Packaging
  • Cable Industry
  • Aviation & Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Technical textiles

We are renowned for our high quality products, which are characterized by innovation and added value. We always focus on customer requirements, resulting in tailor-made products and always future-oriented. In this way, we give our customers the opportunity to assert themselves on the market with visionary and reliable products and to stay ahead of the competition.

Building & Insulation - Roofing membranes, vapor barrier and vapor retarder membranes and much more

Modern, energy-efficient residential construction only deserves this designation if it uses innovative insulation materials. This is where our comprehensive know-how in the field of building insulation comes into play. Lenzing Plastics develops state-of-the-art roofing membranes, vapor barrier membranes and insulation laminating films for the construction and insulation industry, as well as customized insulation solutions for industrial plant engineering.

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Medical components & hygienic products:

PTFE/ ePTFE films, yarns and tubing

PTFE / ePTFE yarns, films and tubing from Lenzing Plastics are the perfect base material for extremely smooth, soft and, above all, biocompatible textiles and implants. They prove their worth in highly sensitive areas such as class 3 implants, the production of surgical sutures and highly functional skin protection textiles. In addition, we develop numerous special applications with our creative customers.

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Technical textiles - special fabrics made of multi and tape and special fibers

Especially in the field of technical textiles, our mastery of this special polymer is evident. For example, the tapes and yarns we produce achieve a fineness of between 55dtex and 50,000 dtex in the PTFE range and between 400 and 15000 dtex in the thermoplastic range. We even do the twisting and turning ourselves on our premises. These are all perfect prerequisites for optimally meeting the requirements of our customers in the technical textile sector.

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Films, Foils & Packaging - wide range of solutions

Packaging means safeguarding value. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions. It ranges from the packaging of highly sensitive machine parts to sustainable fruit packaging and the packaging of pet food to the industrial packaging of mass-produced articles for the clothing and hygiene industries. First and foremost, we develop particularly material-efficient high-strength packaging solutions.

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Cable industry - PTFE in use worldwide

Energy, data and special cables become perfect with our products made of PTFE. We produce PTFE films, marking tapes and laminates for banding, shielding and marking cables. In many cases, outstanding electrical properties can only be achieved with these products. Furthermore, it is only with our PTFE products that the special tribological requirements of moving cables – such as in robotics – can be perfectly met.

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