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Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE for exceptional filtration applications

Monofilaments, multifilaments and tapes

The outstanding properties of PTFE make it an ideal filter media – especially under particularly critical and aggressive conditions such as in liquid and hot gas filtration. Where other filter media are not resistant enough, PTFE excels with heat resistance, chemical resistance and many other advantages. We have learned to take advantage of these and supply monofilaments, multifilaments and sewing threads for various filtration applications.

Why PTFE in filtration?

With Lenzing PROFILEN® we have developed products that are perfectly suited for the production of filter media – especially when chemicals and high temperatures are involved. This guarantees the greatest possible safety under critical conditions. In addition, our PTFE yarns are particularly durable and easy to clean. Woven or knitted fabrics are suitable, depending on the application.

Product solutions at a glance

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE monofilaments for woven fabrics

Precision fabrics that can withstand critical and aggressive conditions are in demand for filtration applications. Due to its heat resistance, PTFE is the perfect material for this. The only catch: PTFE cannot be melted, so classic monofilament production is not possible. Through meticulous development work, we have nevertheless managed to produce an approximately round PTFE yarn that resembles a monofilament. This is perfect for weaving precision fabrics needed for a wide variety of filtration applications. Our PTFE monofilament is available in various diameters and types – we would be very happy to advise you individually.

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE multifilaments for knitted fabrics

100 % PTFE, no weak point. This makes PTFE multifilaments the ideal material for filtration applications – especially those where a high fiber surface is required to provide the best filtration performance. We manufacture different yarn counts to meet individual needs.

Our great strengths in filtration

Lenzing Plastics is one of the most renowned suppliers of PTFE monofilaments, multifilaments and yarns used to manufacture filter media. Our great strengths are the highest purity standards and the use of the highest quality raw materials, which guarantee uncompromising reliability and safety – even in critical filtration applications. For this reason, we also have certificates proving the usability of our materials in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, our materials are easy to clean, durable and therefore more economical than other solutions.

Filtration is a complex field. We would be very happy to explain to you personally all the possible applications of PTFE in filtration and find an individual solution to your problem. In addition, we recommend Lenzing PROFILEN® sewing thread for all filter media.

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