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Expanded PTFE

ePTFE tubes - the ideal sheathing for stents

We have been the absolute leader in the production and stretching of PTFE for many years. Many of our customers use our know-how for their products and are successful on the market with it. But they also think ahead. Inspired by their thoughts, we decided to apply our expertise to the production of stretched ePTFE tubes as well. Expanded PTFE – or ePTFE for short – has excellent properties that are particularly noticeable in the sheathing of stents.

Expanded PTFE and PTFE - what's the difference?

The polymer PTFE consists of fluorine and carbon – and it is known for numerous positive properties. Among other things, it is chemically and thermally resistant, flame retardant and highly dense. All of this makes it attractive for use in countless industries for many products. Expanded PTFE has an even higher level of attractive properties. Stretching brings the PTFE molecules into very specific formations – they are also said to be oriented – depending on the degree of stretching, its properties are changed as a result.

As a result of stretching, PTFE becomes an extremely resistant, tensile and fine-pored material that is also breathable and easy to shape. This allows the performance of expanded PTFE to be optimally adapted to specific requirements.

Expanded PTFE - application in the top class: at the heart

Our current focus area is ePTFE tubing as sheathing for peripheral stents in the diameter range from 3 to 8 millimeters. These expanded PTFE tubes are characterized by good strength in the longitudinal direction, but also high expandability in the transverse direction. Here, well over 500 percent radial expansion is possible without destroying the material.

In some applications, pure metal stents have a relatively high tendency to fuse with the surrounding tissue (restenosis). A coating with expanded PTFE can decisively help to significantly reduce the restenosis rate. Compared to a coating with foil, the ePTFE tube is also much more efficient in processing and fixation to the stent.

Lenzing Plastics - ePTFE Schlauch

Expanded PTFE - many good properties also for your application

We produce ePTFE primarily for the difficult application as a sheathing for stents, since many of our customers in the medical industry particularly appreciate our expanded PTFE tubing. However, expanded PTFE has a far greater potential for use – and not only in medicine. We would be happy to discuss this with you and provide you with our know-how for your specific application or a special product.

All these properties make ePTFE indispensable, especially for demanding environments.

Discover the potential of expanded PTFE from Lenzing Plastics - before the competition does!

We see ourselves as an extremely creative development partner for our customers. In this capacity, we are extremely open to suggestions, inspirations and new challenges.

Let us know your wishes and requirements - we will design a material from expanded PTFE for you that will make your product a sensation on the market. Get in touch with us today!

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