Material properties of PTFE® profiles

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Temperature resistant, smooth, reliable: PTFE has exceptional material properties

PTFE is unique among polymers. Processed into fibers or yarns, it offers a range of exceptional material properties, giving it a commanding lead over other materials in countless areas of application. It is particularly unbeatable in technical specialty textiles and as a surgical suture material.

Lenzing PROFILEN® products consist of 100 percent PTFE (unless otherwise indicated, as in the case of colored products that also contain color pigments). Their chemical and physical material properties are permanent, unlike coated products. They remain intact over the entire lifetime of the product.

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE - your joker in the market game

Our passion lies in exploring the limits of PTFE together with our customers. We involve our clients in the development process and develop customized special solutions with an unparalleled pool of technologies. In line with our motto: away from off-the-shelf products and towards specialized products tailored to specific needs. This ensures decisive advantages for our customers to consolidate and even expand their market position.


For the processing of the fluoropolymer PTFE, we use self-developed technologies, which we have refined over many years, such as pressing, sintering and stretching, as well as extrusion. Our versatile products, including films, tapes, yarns, filaments and fibers, are manufactured according to customer requirements with various finishing and winding technologies.

The material properties of PTFE

In which of your application areas could PROFILEN® PTFE from Lenzing Plastics also shine?

Which of its material properties would improve your products or even make them unrivaled? We would be happy to discuss these questions with you. Using various technologies, we will then develop special solutions based on PTFE that may give you the decisive market advantage. We look forward to hearing from you!