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Your apprenticeship as a process technician

The brand new apprenticeship at Lenzing Plastics

Process technicians fulfill a key function in our company. They are responsible for ensuring that the production process runs like clockwork. This includes planning the use of tools and devices on production machines, controlling production processes on partially and fully automated production lines as well as monitoring workflows. Controlling product quality and eliminating any malfunctions in the production process are also part of the job.

Since automated production processes are becoming increasingly important and process technicians are needed in numerous industries, the career prospects after completion of the process technician apprenticeship are very attractive. All doors are also open to you for advancement at Lenzing Plastics. Because your career is close to our hearts, we offer you various further training opportunities. Among other things, the process technician apprenticeship is available as an apprenticeship with Matura.

These tasks and challenges await you as a process technician:

  • Operate plant-specific production equipment, including setting up, loading, starting up, shutting down and maintaining it
  • Operate and monitor production plant workflows
  • Identify and eliminate simple process malfunctions
  • Select and test raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials according to the industry focus
  • Ensure and monitor product quality
  • Record and document technical data on work processes and work results

Details about the apprenticeship

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years

Vocational school: 10 weeks per apprenticeship year in block courses (without boarding school), in the 4th year 5 weeks,vocational school in Attnang.

Working hours: After the apprenticeship, you will usually work as a shift worker with further opportunities for advancement.

Advancement opportunities: Group spokesperson, laboratory & quality assurance, foreman, manager in middle or higher positions

Further training opportunities: Apprenticeship with Matura, foreman school, Six Sigma training.

The following is helpful: Interest in technology in general and production technology in particular

You will fit in best with us if you have the following:

  • Technical understanding
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Not afraid of physical work
  • Good feeling for machines and plants
  • Good powers of observation and concentration
  • Commitment and ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to work shifts

Are you looking for a varied apprenticeship with opportunities for advancement that requires technical understanding and skill? Then Process Technician:in might be right for you!