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Lenzing Plastics: how we think and act

Plastics processing in terms of value and sustainability

Partnership-based relationships with customers and suppliers and the sustainable creation of value are a supporting element in the success story of Lenzing Plastics. We rely on long-term business relationships based on trust and always strive for technological supremacy for the benefit of our customers. Lenzing Plastics wants to be successful together with its partners – on this basis we have been able to achieve a considerable market presence for more than five decades. We are proud of this.

Our philosophy - our day-to-day work

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made solutions. First-class consulting and service quality have top priority, in addition to the manufacture of innovative and high-quality products.

Lenzing Plastics strives for long-term sustainable growth – a healthy attitude that accompanies our everyday work from morning to night. We use all our innovative strength and technological leadership to offer our customers high-quality products so that they can position themselves successfully in their markets.

Reliability, responsibility ... Lenzing Plastics!

We always act reliably and responsibly – towards our customers and suppliers, but also towards the environment. Meeting promised quality criteria and delivery deadlines is our top priority, even in the very challenging VUCA world of the 21st century. To this end, we enter into long-term relationships with our suppliers. This also influences the quality of the raw materials we purchase from them. In the field of plastics processing, in addition to highly qualified personnel, efficient and reliable production processes, high-quality raw materials are the be-all and end-all of quality consistency.

Lenzing Plastics – a great place for people to shine

People play an important role in the broad field of plastics processing. They use their skills for product development and manufacturing, but they also need the finished products in their personal or professional environment. People therefore play a central role at Lenzing Plastics – which is why appreciation is so important to us.

We feel particularly committed to our employees. It goes without saying that we do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior and reject forced labor and child labor. Our employees have a secure job, they are recognized and promoted. Lenzing Plastics managers are responsible for a high level of awareness of safe working practices.

Lenzing Plastics - lighthouse company in Upper Austria

Anyone working in the field of plastics processing must not lack transparency in their actions. We attach great importance to this – also in terms of the acceptance of Lenzing Plastics by our partners, neighbors and politicians. We align our work with international standards and benchmarks, comply with the law, and constantly improve our standards with regard to safety, health and the environment. In addition, together with our business partners, we make valuable contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our material-efficient packaging solutions help to achieve the declared goal of “No Hunger,” and we promote that of “Health” with our medical and hygiene solutions. We contribute to the goal of “climate protection” with our construction, insulation, agriculture, forestry and bio-based solutions, and to that of “responsible production” with our circular economy and material-efficient/high-strength solutions. In particular, we are also committed to these goals with our focus on resource and energy efficiency, our sustainable infrastructure and modern, attractive workplaces.

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