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Shielding foil for stranding machines

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Shielding film made of AL/polyester composites

Protection against electromagnetic interference

You can’t see them, you can’t hear them, and yet you do everything you can to prevent them from occurring in the first place: electromagnetic interference that has a negative influence on the electrical signals transmitted in a cable. External interference fields of any kind on the data flow, but also the radiation of a cable itself into the environment, are generally to be avoided as far as possible.

Especially in modern houses with often kilometer-long power and network cable strands, the avoidance of electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic interference is absolutely essential. Shielding foils from Lenzing Plastics are the solution of choice to prevent electrostatic or electromagnetic interference – they are of the highest quality thanks to the best materials and high-precision production.

The principle of shielding film

Shielding foils for shielding cables function according to the physical principle of the Faraday cage. This has the advantage that the shielding foil not only provides protection against electromagnetic interference, but also provides electrical, optical and moisture insulation.

Shielding foils for this purpose are usually made of metal, plastic or composites of both materials, which are coated or laminated on the inside or outside. They are applied helically or longitudinally to the cable during processing by a stranding machine.

Shielding films from Lenzing Plastics - maximum processing speed with minimum machine downtime.

AL/PET laminates - particularly efficient processing

Our AL/PET laminate shielding films are PET films metallized with aluminum – particularly tear-resistant, flexible and lightweight. In addition, they are very insensitive to corrosion and less prone to creasing than pure aluminum foils. The high quality combined with the special material mix ensures smooth processing on your stranding machine.

CU/PET laminates - premium quality for even higher demands

Shielding foil made of CU/PET laminate is the combination of a soft copper foil with a polyester foil. It is inserted and grounded between the primary and secondary windings during processing in the stranding machine. This prevents a capacitive connection between the two windings particularly effectively.

AL/PET/EMA laminates - the ``hotmelt variant

This is a special shielding foil for all applications where a connection of the individual foil layers by fusion is required. In this case, aluminum is applied and fused to the polyester film.

Can you find what you are looking for among our shielding foils? Can we assist you in selecting the right shielding foil for your stranding machine? Whether AL/PET, CU/PET or AL/PVC – we would be pleased to inform you about the special product details of our shielding foils.

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