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Tapes for cable marking

Customized cable marking for the cable industry

As inconspicuous as they look, they are essential for the rope and cable industry: cable tapes for cable marking made of various carrier materials. As a universally applicable and cost-effective tool for connecting cable harnesses as well as for cable marking, they provide valuable services wherever cables and entire cable harnesses are to be connected to one another by machine or in a few simple and permanent steps.

Cable tapes are individually adapted by Lenzing Plastics to the technical requirements of your production lines and thus ensure smooth production processes. Particularly popular applications are:

  • Copper telephone cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Data cables

High-quality marking tapes - colored and/or printed

We manufacture our marking tapes completely colored on request, but we are also happy to print them according to your ideas. You can also rely on the excellent winding quality of our tapes. It guarantees highly efficient production processes without failures and hardly any waste.

In summary, cable marking tapes from Lenzing Plastics score with these key advantages:

  • High productivity
  • Few downtimes
  • Minimal production waste

High-quality printed tapes for the cable and rope industry

We are characterized by the highest level of competence, acquired over many years of practical experience, and a pronounced willingness to develop. We are particularly flexible when it comes to special customer requirements and, thanks to our unique production process, always guarantee excellent mechanical properties of our marking tapes.

This puts us in a position to respond to special customer requests at any time. You need individual print texts or colors for cable marking? Do you need small batch sizes? Very special properties? All this with pleasure: We print the tapes and also realize your other ideas within shortest time to your satisfaction.

Cable marking tapes made of different materials with different properties - the choice is yours

Cable tapes from Lenzing Plastics are based on different carrier materials: PP, PET, PA or PE. High-performance plastics such as these can be modified in their structure with certain additives and thus endowed with special, desired properties. As a result, the tapes for cable marking can be designed highly individually – depending on the desired area of application.

The development engineers in our laboratories can, for example, give the marking tapes properties such as:

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Flame retardant
  • Extremely strong, stiff and hard or highly elastic
  • High dimensional stability even under heat
  • Abrasion resistant and resilient
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to buckling and tearing
  • No embrittlement at low temperatures
  • Resistant to germs
  • Electrically insulating
  • Tensile
  • Highly elastic

… and certainly also the property that you need but have not yet found mentioned here.

Let us know what you want.

Labelling tapes from Lenzing Plastics also fulfill your wishes! Whether colored or printed tapes, with special binder heads or for single or multiple use – our cable marking specialists make many things possible. Give us a call – let’s talk about your ideas: You will be satisfied!

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