PTFE yarns and fabrics

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PTFE fabrics and yarns

The smart solution for cable insulation and other electronic components

The excellent electrical performance of PTFE is widely known. Especially in heat-resistant insulation for cables, PTFE shows its strengths.

Demanding environmental conditions and tight installation spaces require special cable protection – this can be provided by an antistatic shield made of PTFE braiding. It not only meets these requirements. Its high dielectric strength, chemical resistance to acids, bases, oils, etc., fire resistance and very good processing possibilities also contribute to this. At the same time, the transmission performance remains excellent and the dielectric constant low.

PTFE yarns for cable sheathing: cable protection and process reliability

PTFE yarns can be used in a wide variety of forms. Especially when space is at a premium, they are popular as cable insulation. The finest yarns, whether in natural white or in color, are used here to braid cables without adding bulk.

As a supplier to the packaging industry for decades, Lenzing Plastics has in-depth expertise in braiding and can advise accordingly. The PTFE yarns offered are available in various finenesses, and customer-specific requirements usually form the basis of the respective specific cable sheathing.

PTFE fabric - flat, dimensionally stable, high performance

In some cases, a conventional PTFE film is not sufficient. Especially when higher dimensional stability and simultaneous weight reduction are required. In these cases, lightweight PTFE fabrics are used. They consist of finest PTFE monofilament yarns, which ensure uniform thickness and thus shielding.

The advantage of PTFE fabric is that it replaces conventional, heavier glass or metal fabric in established processing methods and dramatically improves electronic performance. At the same time, it maintains sufficient stability for processing and end use.

Combinations: We provide electronic products with special properties

PTFE fabrics from Lenzing Plastics are the future in the construction of complex electronic components! Contact our competent specialists to discuss the use of PTFE fabrics and yarns also in your electronic application. They will accompany you with creativity and inspiration and develop a tailor-made solution for you that will clearly set you apart from your competitors!

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