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Cable sheathing with PP film

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PP film

Cable sheathing with polypropylene film - insulates and protects

Freedom from interference is the be-all and end-all when transporting energy or data by cable. Our extensive portfolio includes highly specialized polypropylene films – foamed or compact – for efficient cable insulation. As a long-standing competent partner for virtually the entire cable manufacturing industry, we meet the highest demands with our resilient foam films and compact films. Especially when superior temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals of all kinds are required, our PP films are the ideal solution.

Polypropylene film from Lenzing Plastics - ideal as release and banding film

Polypropylene film offers high strength, low weight and can therefore be optimally used as a release film and banding film for cable sheathing of individual cable elements. Banding film prevents internal wire breakage, protects against flames and water and is also used for color coding of individual wires. It is the perfect film solution for the electrical and cable industries that value the highest quality and efficiency in cable insulation.

Polypropylene film insulates robustly and reliably, showing its strengths especially when used in electrical systems.

The following properties predestine it for this purpose:

  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Flame retardant
  • Chemical resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Good processability

Foamed or compact - PP film in use for cable insulation

Lenzing Plastics offers foam films and compact films made of PP, making a significant contribution to contemporary, trouble-free and process-safe cable sheathing:

Foam film - strong and light

Our foam films impress as release and taping films with high strength and unrivaled area yield. Particularly in the case of flexible cables, they prevent the individual structural elements inside the cable from sticking together or rubbing. Your plus: Processing the film in the machine direction reliably prevents tearing in the transverse direction.

PP foam film soft - reliable protection with cushioning effect

This foam film is preferably used for cable sheathing of armored cable types for use in indoor installations. It has a shock-absorbing effect and provides particularly efficient protection for the underlying conductors, especially with regard to functional integrity in the event of fire.

Compact polypropylene film - for the small cable dimension

When it has to be one size smaller: Mono-oriented PP film is enormously strong and incredibly light – making it perfect for cable insulation for cables of smaller dimensions. Our wide range of presentation types covers all customer needs and opens up unimagined design freedom.

For what type of cable sheathing and cable insulation do you need high-quality polypropylene film from Lenzing Plastics? Do you have a special area of application that has not yet been mentioned here? Or do you already know exactly what you want?

In both cases, please contact our specialists in PP film with confidence. We look forward to hearing from you!

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