Industrial packaging

for fibers and rolls

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Packaging film for fibers and rolls

High-tech industrial packaging for protection against weather, dirt and mechanical impact

We have always been dealing with this topic at the highest level: cost-efficient high-tech protection of high-value products during transport and storage. Our wide range includes coextruded packaging films for fibers and rolls and fabric-reinforced packaging films for special requirements. They not only optimally protect their contents from dirt particles, weathering or mechanical effects. They also stabilize and present your goods in a visually appealing way.

Coextruded fiber bale wrapping - the classic

Innovative coating technologies and the combination of various additives can provide the packaging film with special desired properties. It combines high strength and the same working capacity, thus wrapping dense and visually appealing bales with minimum use of material.

Fabric-reinforced packaging - more strength, more robustness, more security

Sometimes industrial packaging has to withstand a little more. For particularly high demands on stability and density, we offer fabric-reinforced packaging film. It consists of very resilient multilayer laminates (coated on one or both sides).

This type of packaging fabric is ideal for particularly heavy, bulky packaged goods and bulk materials, as is the case in agriculture, the construction industry or the automotive industry, for example.

Packaging film from Lenzing Plastics - the advantages

Whether coextruded fiber bale packaging, packaging film for rolls or fabric-reinforced packaging: industrial packaging from Lenzing Plastics is characterized by consistently high wrapping quality and reliable protection of the packaged goods against contamination, quality degradation and undesirable external influences. They are suitable for use in high-performance balers with high hourly output or for manual wrapping and are available in various widths and lengths. Depending on the application, we offer our films in large rolls or handy small rolls.

Want to learn more about our fiber bale wraps?

Are you looking for the right packaging film for your rolls or fabric reinforced packaging extra for bulky and heavy items? Take advantage of our expertise in the production of quality films and our wide range of products – we will be happy to advise you on the selection of packaging film suitable for your machine and provide you with an individual offer.

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