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Go small, think big: Plastics technology at the highest level

Research and development have always been a top priority at Lenzing Plastics. It is in this area that our high innovation potential is most clearly demonstrated. Around 1500 new products per year impressively confirm our development competence. At the center of our innovation activities is our in-house technical center – the heart of this forward-looking strategy.

In the pilot plant, we can reproduce production-related process and plastics technologies on a smaller scale and also make them available for trials. This means that production steps can be simulated on a manageable scale. This is a great advantage for us, but above all also for our innovative customers: Here we can try out ideas and concepts cost-effectively before they are finally mass-produced as products.

Innovation is a joint effort

We are convinced that what is imaginable is also feasible. This applies not only to our own research efforts. In collaboration with our customers, we develop technical and sustainable innovations according to their ideas – sharing the passion in developing and testing to ultimately produce an innovative product with high market potential.

The benefits of this “go small, think big” strategy include:

  • Low raw material input
  • Flexible capacities
  • Maximum diversity of variants
  • Independence from ongoing production

This results in optimum framework conditions under which you can implement development processes for new plastic products quickly and in a targeted manner. Initial product samples for test purposes are produced within a very short time.

Research for sustainable innovation

Lenzing Plastics cooperates, for example, with the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Leoben and closely follows research work relevant to practice. We also accompany and support bachelor’s and master’s theses that address the development of plastics or plastics technologies. The knowledge gained benefits us in the new development of plastic products, in technical and sustainable innovations and ensures our technical progress.

Measuring - indispensable for the realization of innovations

Our technical center also has state-of-the-art measuring and testing instruments to put every new development through its paces. These measurements are the basis for the high quality of our – or even your – products. Incidentally, in addition to numerous standard testing procedures, we also have the capability to artificially age products. This provides valuable information on how a material changes over its entire life cycle.

In these areas, too, we can collect important parameters for your technical innovations:

  • Mechanical characterization (tensile test, impact tensile test, nail pull-out and tear propagation force, and peel strength).
  • Thermal analysis (DSC)
  • Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Determination of seal strength
  • Water vapor permeability (gravimetric, IR sensor)
  • Color measurement
  • Fire behavior
  • Aging test (climatic chamber, autoclave, irradiation (UV light + visible light), spraying, dewing, hot air, outdoor weathering)
  • Determination of moisture content
  • Testing of nail tightness
  • Determination of adhesion of coatings
  • Determination of surface resistance
  • Determination of surface tension
  • Water tightness (W1 and water column)
  • Melt flow index (MVR, MFR)
  • Shrinkage measurement
  • Thickness and width measurement
  • Determination of basis weight

You are welcome to personally convince yourself of our research, development and innovation department! Whenever you want to further develop a plastic application or launch other technical and sustainable innovations: We will support you!

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