Continuing education

An investment in the career

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Continuing education at Lenzing Plastics

An investment in the career and future of our employees

The personal and professional development of our employees plays an important role for us. After all, further training is not only an investment in the future career of our team members, but also in the future of Lenzing Plastics. Regardless of their current position in the company, we support staff members who want to continue their education – in line with our motto: Always on the move. It’s good to be on the move.

We build bridges for your career

From apprentices to managers, we want to give everyone the opportunity to develop in different directions and benefit from our offers. In this way, each and every individual is given the opportunity to advance his or her own career and, ultimately, to advance the company as well. Are you a career changer and would like to apply for open positions? No problem, we will train you to the best of our ability so that you quickly settle into your new career field.

Internal know-how + external knowledge

It is a high priority for us to ensure that our employees always keep up to date with the latest knowledge and regularly undergo further training. At Lenzing Plastics, further training takes place both in in-house courses and in training courses in cooperation with external educational institutions. In this way, we can always offer you the best solution for broadening your horizons.

Lenzing Plastics Academy

An important pillar of our training concept is the transfer of knowledge within the company – i.e. to our own employees. After all, we have accumulated a lot of know-how and experience with our own research and development department and the handling of projects. Within the framework of the Lenzing Plastics Academy, we try to pass on this valuable resource.

Cooperation with the Lenzing Training Center (BLZ)

In close cooperation with the Lenzing Training Center (BZL), which is located in the immediate vicinity of our company, we offer our employees first-class opportunities to deepen their existing skills or acquire new ones. The BLZ is one of the largest training centers in Austria and offers a wide range of educational opportunities, especially in the training of apprentices and skilled workers, but also in personnel development.

Investing in the future: education and training models

We know that education is our most valuable asset. That is why the apprenticeship with Matura, which is possible for future process technicians and plastics process technicians, is very important to us. We also provide every support for career advancement through attendance at a master craftsman’s school, for example for electrical engineering, plastics technology, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. And those who opt for a second-chance apprenticeship will also find the right offer with our training in plastics molding.

Overview of further training courses

  • Process technician and plastics process technician with final apprenticeship examination (2nd educational path)
  • Lenzing Plastics Academy modules
  • First aid courses
  • Forklift operator’s license
  • Master classes (electrical engineering)
  • Apprenticeship with Matura

Because your future is also our future, we want to provide you with the best possible support in achieving your career goals.