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Weather and gas protection products from Lenzing Plastics

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Construction special applications from Lenzing Plastics

Temporary building protection against water and gases

Building with wood is very much in vogue & this ecologically sustainable building material has many advantages. As practical as wood is in many areas, however, it is sensitive to moisture. During the construction phase, it is therefore of great importance to temporarily protect wooden components exposed to the weather from penetrating moisture. This is where the film manufacturer Lenzing Plastics comes into play with its weather protection films and construction period seals.

Weather protection films and temporary waterproofing membranes from Lenzing Plastics

Whatever ideas our customers have: We think them through and give them shape. And so we at Lenzing Plastics also develop practicable solutions in this area together with our customers in the form of weather protection films and temporary construction waterproofing membranes. As a renowned film manufacturer, we contribute all our know-how to this development and thus achieve that buildings under construction can be temporarily protected from moisture penetration. These special wall barrier membranes or waterproofing membranes protect wooden building components from non-pressurized water. In the form of radon and methane gas barriers, they also protect against gases.

Laminates for adhesive tapes - naturally from film manufacturer Lenzing Plastics

If weather protection membranes offer protection against moisture over large areas, adhesive tapes and window connection tapes complement this protective function on a small scale. The innovative laminates from Lenzing Plastics are the ideal basis for such sealing tapes, which succeed in creating a permanently airtight envelope. In this way, Lenzing Plastics supports the increasingly important trend of energy-efficient construction with high-quality and versatile products.

Lenzing Plastics - special construction applications for everyday use in the building industry

As a film manufacturer, we have deep insight into the problems and wishes of builders and construction companies. This is how our latest product area was created, which is dedicated to very special requirements in construction. Get to know our product range around temporary building protection against weather and gases. Of course, we are also open to your suggestions – whatever areas they may concern.

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