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From diabetic socks to wound dressings and neurodermatitis textiles

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Functional and skin protection textiles made from Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE

PTFE yarns that protect and even care for the skin

Lenzing Plastics has been manufacturing PTFE yarns for more than 40 years. With its know-how, the Austrian company has developed a unique base material for biocompatible textiles: Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE. It is not only used in technology, but also in the field of medicine and hygiene, for example in wound dressings and functional clothing.

What sets Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE yarns apart are their exceptional properties. Low friction on the skin, very good moisture management and high wearing comfort make them the ideal material for functional textiles that are gentle on the skin. From neurodermatitis textiles to diabetic socks and aids for bedridden patients, a wide range of applications is possible.

Gentle on the skin and protective: PTFE yarns

PTFE fibers are characterized by extremely low friction on the skin – both when dry and when wet. The smooth, anti-adhesive surface ensures that the material does not stick to sore skin. Therefore, PROFILEN® PTFE is also excellently suited for wound dressings.

PTFE textiles are hydrophobic, oleophobic and non-absorbent. Due to their high resistance to chemicals and their temperature resistance, they can be easily cleaned and disinfected, which is a great advantage in the medical field or in medical protective clothing. Speaking of protective clothing: When combined with aramid and other rough yarns, Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE makes an extremely durable material for special clothing.

Application of LENZING PROFILEN® in skin protection textiles

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE is a high-quality all-round material for skin-protecting textiles. It is processed, for example, into PTFE clothing that is comfortable to wear and can alleviate skin irritations caused by skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. This is possible thanks to the low friction and perfect moisture management that characterize these functional textiles.

PTFE-based textiles prove their worth not only in the medical field, but also in sports. Thanks to the excellent breathability of the material, the skin remains dry and heat is quickly dissipated. In addition, there are fewer friction symptoms due to the low friction. The result: a pleasantly soft and cool wearing sensation and protection of the skin.

These unique properties open up another important area of application in medicine: wound dressings with PTFE fibers are used to prevent bedsores and pressure ulcers in bedridden patients.

The product range at a glance:

  • Functional clothing
  • Medical protective clothing
  • Neurodermatitis textiles
  • Clothing for patients with psoriasis
  • Aids for bedridden patients
  • Wound dressings
  • Diabetic socks
  • Sports socks

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE is manufactured in Austria and is subject to continuous further development. The 100% PTFE yarns are certified according to ISO 13485 for medical applications.

Skin protective clothing made in Austria

Due to their low friction and water-repellent properties, PTFE yarns have long been established in textiles that protect and care for the skin. Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE was developed in our own research laboratory in Austria, which is also intensively involved in textile production.

Our great strength is individuality: we supply tailor-made innovations and niche products for which we have built up exceptional expertise over many years.

Do you also have a need for biocompatible specialty products in the field of medicine and hygiene? Contact our experts in this field - they will be happy to advise you.

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