Our environmental policy

Saving energy and resources

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Our environmental policy

Saving energy, conserving resources, moving sustainably into the future

Our environment is our past, present and – if we all do something about it – our future. Lenzing Plastics, as a global player in the field of plastics processing, is aware of its responsibility for it and takes all measures in its environment to ensure a future worth living:

  • We save energy and resources, avoid waste or return it to the material cycle whenever possible. One example of this: We regranulate the waste produced during film extrusion inline and feed it back into the process.
  • We are continuously working to improve our energy efficiency and the environmental compatibility of our products and processes. One example of this: our regenerative afterburning plants have a significantly lower gas requirement.
  • Our environmental policy also includes ecological, economic and social action. The simultaneous implementation of all these aspects ensures sustainable development.
  • We can document our efforts to this end in the form of a product carbon footprint (PCF) for our products and thus serve our customers.

Our environmental policy - the ecological aspect

Plastic saves resources. It can be made from a wide range of natural raw materials – from cellulose, coal, natural gas or crude oil to grain and corn. It is particularly resource-efficient, not only in production but also in use. In the form of insulation material, for example, plastic saves many times more energy in the course of its service life than is required for its production. The CO₂ footprint of plastic in production and transport is also significantly smaller than that of other materials – both in production and transport.

Our environmental policy - the economic aspect

Plastic is recyclable and reusable. This makes it economically efficient. In Europe, we have a good disposal and recycling system, which the consumer actively supports.

Our environmental policy - the social aspect

The European plastics industry provides jobs for millions of people. Lenzing Plastics, with its site in Austria, makes an important contribution to economic social welfare.

Environmental policy - reflected in all our products

Our products are in demand in many industries. There they play their part in implementing environmental policy principles and making the world a better place to live:

They help save energy: Whether it’s building insulation, the insulation of pipelines, tanks, etc. – our products for the construction industry are important components for saving resources.

They protect other products: Our stretched and therefore high-strength solutions are particularly material-efficient, making them ideal for packaging all kinds of products. Its light weight reduces transportation costs, it extends the shelf life of food and protects sensitive items from damage.

They save human lives: In the form of specialty plastics for artificial heart valves, implants or surgical sutures, PTFE is an important basic material for medical products.

They reduce the CO₂ footprint of other products: Our products are mostly high-strength and can therefore be manufactured thinner. This is a decisive advantage in material efficiency, resource conservation and climate protection in general.

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