Purchasing Optimal procurement costs, timely deliveries and impeccable quality are imperative in order to meet the high market expectations of our customers over the long term.
One of the main pillars of our success is collaboration with our suppliers.

We are looking forward to hearing from you if you would like to supply us with the following materials, products and services on an industrial scale:

  • Granulates (standard thermoplastics and technical thermoplastics)
  • S-PTFE and E-PTFE
  • Metal films (AI, Cu)
  • Plastic films made of standard thermoplastics and technical thermoplastics
  • Mono-filament fabrics made of PE and PP
  • Non-wovens made of PE, PP, PA, PES
  • Reinforcement fabrics and scrims made of PES and glass
  • Contract finishing (metal plating, printing, varnishing, perforating, twisting of staple fibers)