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Laminating films – the ultimate “protective jacket” for insulation materials

Efficient and sustainably effective against environmental influences

Modern building insulation materials play an essential role in the construction industry. After all, they are one of the most important factors in the sustainable and efficient thermal insulation of a building. They protect and insulate the property from heat, cold and moisture, help save energy and costs, and make a decisive contribution to increasing and maintaining the value of a house.

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Laminating films - contra environmental influences, pro insulation

To enable insulation materials to perform this task permanently and efficiently, they are supported by laminating films. Their range of application is extremely broad. Modern high-performance insulation materials meet the most stringent requirements for wind resistance, moisture protection and weather protection. They are the prerequisite for energy efficiency and a pleasant living climate inside the building. Laminating films ensure that insulating materials can fulfill their task permanently and perfectly.

The properties of the lamination film protect the insulating materials from external influences – from vapor barrier films for roof structures to facade membranes. Insulation lamination films from Lenzing Plastics are essential for energy-efficient construction and, above all, for the durability of the insulation function of the insulation materials. They fulfill important environmental and climate protection aspects – reason enough for Lenzing Plastics to deal with this product in all its aspects … and to perfect it.

Laminating films for special requirements

Lenzing Plastics produces high-quality laminating film composites in various material combinations and using highly technical processes. Apart from our extensive standard range (which meets most common requirements), our laminating films can also be tailor-made for special requirements and provided with desired properties.

Laminating films – just as you want and need them:

Your insulation under our protection - laminating films for your special application

Preserving what is valuable and useful and maintaining its function – that is the task of insulation laminating films. We have specialized in this field and offer you highly innovative products. Get to know them and find out how efficiently high-quality and proven lamination films can protect your insulation materials.

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