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Vapor retarders and vapor barriers – efficient protection against moisture

… so that the insulation stays dry

Water-repellent vapor retarders are used in building insulation in the roof area as well as in facade insulation. Their task is to protect the attached insulation layer from moisture and mold growth. In this way, vapor retarders make a significant contribution to creating a comfortable living climate and ultimately to preserving the value of the building fabric.

Vapor retarders and vapor barriers from Lenzing Plastics

Thanks to high-quality vapor retarders and vapor barriers, buildings meet the highest energy efficiency standards. They prevent moisture generated during the use of a building (cooking, showering, breathing) from entering the masonry and insulation of the house. Too much moisture would cause damage, such as mold, and limit insulation effectiveness. As such, vapor retarders and vapor barriers contribute to a well-functioning air and moisture management system inside a property – the prerequisite for a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Vapor retarder or vapor barrier?

Moisture is constantly on the move due to air circulation in a house. To allow this process to take place in a controlled manner, either diffusion-inhibiting vapor retarders or so-called vapor barriers are used. When which type of vapor retarder is used depends on the area of application in the house, the building materials used and other criteria. Vapor retarders and vapor barriers from Lenzing Plastics are highly innovative products developed and produced with all these factors in mind.

They consist of one or two layers of nonwoven, either with or without fabric reinforcement. Various plastics are used for the coating – depending on the desired effect:

  • Vapor barriers are laminated with aluminum or metallized foils.
  • Vapor retarders are provided with monolithic (TPE-E or TPU) or microporous membranes.

Lenzing Plastics - pioneer in moisture protection

With the production of films for vapor barriers and vapor retarders, we are moving into an extremely promising area. Making buildings fit for the energy-efficient use of resources is something that no one can ignore today. We are driven by the need to support the construction industry with smart, high-quality products. With us, you have a competent and experienced partner who focuses on product quality and your benefits.

Vapor retarders and vapor barriers from Lenzing Plastics - the advantages

Would you like to know more about film production at Lenzing Plastics or our vapor barriers and vapor retarders? We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right product.

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