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Technical textiles and laminates

Monofilaments, multifilaments and tapes for innovative technical textiles

Technical textiles made of PTFE and thermoplastics have become an indispensable part of our modern lives. They are resistant to heat, cold, moisture and chemicals, have a low coefficient of friction and are excellent thermal and electrical insulators. Innovative technical textiles thus cover a huge range of applications. Monofilaments are used in electronics, for example, while multifilaments are used in the manufacture of countless special products, from filtration to fishing lines.

Application areas of technical textiles

The range of applications for PROFILEN® PTFE yarns and our thermoplastic products is huge, and so is the variety. We have specialized in the following major areas, but are also prepared for customer-specific niche solutions and are happy to take on special projects.

Advantages of PROFILEN® PTFE

Innovative technical textiles owe their versatility to their convertibility and exceptional durability. Due to their purity, Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE products have outstanding properties. PTFE yarns are:

  • anti-adhesive with an extremely low coefficient of friction
  • non-flammable
  • extremely resistant to cold and heat
  • weather and UV resistant
  • resistant to microorganisms and pests
  • water and dirt repellent
  • chemically stable and inert
  • physiologically harmless and therefore also suitable for the food and health sector

Decades of expertise in technical textiles

For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing PTFE yarns and fibers in a wide variety of shapes, fineness and colors. In the process, we have learned to master this special polymer. We produce yarns from 55 dtex to 50,000 dtex thread count. The product variety ranges from monofilaments and multifilaments to tapes and hybrid yarns. We also cater to customer requirements in terms of colors.

Unique is not only the variety and quality of our products, but also our know-how about further processing methods such as weaving, braiding, knitting, sewing etc.. Even twisting and turning is done in our company. Thus we have all possibilities to manufacture individual products as well as to solve problems and challenges in the field of technical textiles.

Lenzing Plastics has been producing technical textiles for decades and has developed Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE, a material with which we satisfy customers all over the world.


Lenzing Plastics is the market leader in the production of specialty flat and spliced yarns, warp films and laminates for textile products. Close customer contact, a deep understanding of customer needs and unique production competencies enable Lenzing Plastics to deliver high-quality products.

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