Surgical suture material

Yarns for surgical suture material Your opportunity to stand out. Add PTFE suture material to your portfolio
Soft and smooth
Non-resorbable PTFE threads

PROFILEN® suture material from Lenzing

Lenzing PROFILEN® non-resorbable yarns for suture material are mono-filaments made of 100% pure PTFE with no additives.

Possible applications for Lenzing PROFILEN(R) PTFE suture material:

  • Dental surgery
  • Heart valve manufacturing
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery
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Extremely smooth

It is virtually impossible for deposits to adhere to PTFE. Sutures can be easily removed without damaging sensitive tissue

Extremely biocompatible

PTFE is chemically inert and it has been successfully used in long-term class 3 implants for many years

Extremely durable

PTFE is an extremely stable polymer that barely loses any of its strength and flexibility over many years

Currently available sizes:
USP EP Durchmesser (mm) Lenzing PROFILEN® Typen
2/0 3 0,300-0,349 S + HS
3/0 2 0,200-0,249 S + HS
4/0 1,5 0,150-0,199 S + HS
5/0 1,0 0,100-0,149 S + HS
6/0 0,7 0,070-0,099 S + HS
7/0 0,5 0,050-0,069 HS