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State of the art: underlays and sarking membranes for roof and facade

Energy-efficient construction - the order of the day

Whether it’s a new building or a renovation project, the focus is always on energy efficiency, a healthy indoor climate and the creation or preservation of property values. Meeting all these demands is the great challenge facing the construction industry today. To do so, it relies on high-quality, functional insulation solutions that offer protection against the effects of weather.

Innovative underlay and sarking membranes - insulate, insulate, protect

Waterproof underlay and sarking membranes for roof structures and facade membranes from film manufacturer Lenzing Plastics are an important component in insulating houses. Without these innovative materials, energy-efficient construction would not be possible, as they make a significant contribution to reducing a building’s energy consumption.

Underlay and sarking membranes - an important part of the wind- and airtight building envelope.

Film manufacturer Lenzing Plastics is a professional and pioneer in the development of products to create a wind- and airtight building envelope. Roofing membranes and facade membranes are an essential category of its product range for sustainable building insulation – whether for private homes, public housing or special industrial applications.

Among other things, we specialize in developing underlayment and sarking membranes for roofs as well as facade membranes. Insulation products from Lenzing Plastics like these are the result of highly specialized know-how acquired over many years and brought to perfection. Our customers agree: you can rely on Lenzing Plastics underlayment and sarking membranes as well as facade membranes.

The special feature of our underlay and sarking membranes as well as facade membranes:

The protective plastic layer. The membranes consist of one or two layers of nonwoven with or without reinforcement by fabric or scrim. Depending on the application, various innovative plastics are used for the coating:

  • For vapor-tight applications, the underlayment or sarking membrane is laminated with PE, modified PE, PP or with moisture-variable plastics.
  • Diffusion-open underlayment or sarking membranes are provided with monolithic (TPE-E or TPU) or microporous membranes.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on which underlay or facade membrane is perfect for your application in terms of quality and benefits. Whether roof or facade - the film manufacturer Lenzing Plastics also has the right product for you!

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