Lenzing Profilen® PTFE

Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE Its extreme durability and its very smooth surface are highly valued in many niche applications in the technical and medical sectors.
resistant, smooth and reliable

PTFE is unique among polymers. Because of its exceptional properties, it is used where other yarns give up in defeat. It is suitable as a starting material for special technical textiles, as well as for surgical suture material.

At Lenzing Plastics, nothing is more fun to us than exploring the limits of PTFE with our customers and developing tailor-made special solutions.

Our customers receive definitive advantages. Our goal is to get away from off-the-shelf products to products that are tailored to individual needs. We respond to our customers' special requirements and integrate our customers into the development process.

PTFE - many outstanding properties

Lenzing PROFILEN® products are made of 100% PTFE, unless otherwise indicated (e.g. colored products contain natural color pigments). Their chemical and physical properties are therefore, in contrast to coated products, durable and maintained over the entire life cycle of the product.

Chemically inert/highly biocompatible

PTFE is practically chemically inert due to the strong bond between the carbon and fluorine atoms. This makes it the perfect starting material for many filtration and sealing applications. In contact with the human body, this means the highest biocompatibility and no physical reaction of the body to the material.

Extremely low friction

PTFE has an extremely low friction coefficient, which is the same as between two blocks of ice. In addition, static friction with PTFE is the same as its dynamic friction, so there is no friction upon startup of movement. Therefore, PTFE is used in a wide range of processing methods for many friction management applications.

Enormous temperature resistance

PTFE can be used at continuous use temperatures from -200°C to + 280°C. In an extremely cold environment, it remains flexible and does not get brittle, unlike most other plastics. In very hot environments, it shows no signs of decomposition or degradation.

Completely repellent and anti-adhesive

Virtually nothing adheres to PTFE due to its high surface tension and smooth surface. All Lenzing PROFILEN® products are also completely hydrophobic and oleophobic, which prevents bacterial growth and contamination.


PTFE has a Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 95%. In order to burn PTFE, 95% of the oxygen in the air would have to burn. Therefore, it is considered to be non-flammable. When PTFE is exposed to direct flame, it decomposes, glowing.

UV and weather resistant

PTFE is 100% UV-stable, so it does not lose strength under UV exposure. PTFE also does not decompose or rot and it is resistant to microorganisms and pests.

Physiologically completely harmless

Yarns and fibers made of 100% fully sintered PTFE are ideally suited for food, drinking water and medical applications. They have also been approved by various authorities (US FDA, EU) for these purposes.

Perfect insulator

PTFE is a perfect electrical and thermal insulator

Endless service life

PTFE is virtually indestructible in many applications, which allows for very long product life cycles.


For the processing of the fluoropolymers PTFE and PVDF, we use self-developed technologies, which we have refined over many years, such as pressing, sintering and stretching, as well as extrusion. Our versatile products, including films, tapes, yarns, filaments and fibers, are manufactured according to customer requirements with various finishing and winding technologies.