Textile architecture

Yarn for textile architecture high-strength PTFE and PVDF weaving yarns
flexible and durable
Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE yarns for textile architecture

Fabrics for textile architectural applications have a significant limitation: the UV light from the sun limits their service life. Especially when the fabric must be folded or rolled, there is only one reasonable solution: PTFE or PVDF yarn from Lenzing Plastics. Contact us for more info!

Lenzing PROFILEN® - high-strength PTFE and PVDF weaving yarns

Our many years of experience have helped us produce reliably robust PTFE yarns that meet even the most stringent requirements. We also produce PVDF multi-filaments for smaller installations in various colors and densities. 


  • 100% resistance to UV radiation and weather impacts with no additives
  • high light transmission (up to 60%)
  • dirt and water repellent ("lotus effect")
  • very high flexibility, even at very low temperatures
  • cooling effect


  • no dangerous, possible leachable additives
  • long service life minimizes resource consumption
  • chemically inert and highly biocompatible
  • dust-free - especially when compared to glass fabrics


  • non-flammable - Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) 95%
  • B1 classification
  • No weakening or endangering of the load carrying capabilities of the fabric from chemical/contaminants
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