PTFE fibers produced for medical applications Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE fibers are used primarily in different surgical disciplines.
100% pure
PTFE fibers and solids (rods)

Lenzing Plastics is the only company that offers 100% pure PTFE fibers produced in compliance with ISO 13485 for medical applications.

Our high-purity Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE fibers are used primarily in the manufacture of PTFE felt and implants used as pledgets, membranes or patches in cardiovascular surgery and other surgical disciplines.

The polymer PTFE is characterized by chemical resistance and very high tolerability. This makes it perfect for use in the field of implantation and wound care.

Lenzing Plastics has been manufacturing high-quality PTFE products and raw materials for more than 40 years in close collaboration with the medical industry. In addition to the production of pledgets, implants and solids (rods), specific solutions can also be developed on request.

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