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Your partner for medical textiles on the body and in the body
Biocompatible and versatile
LENZING PROFILEN® PTFE yarns, fibers and films for your medical textiles

The PTFE yarns, fibers and films made by Lenzing Plastics are the basic materials for extremely smooth, soft and - above all - biocompatible textiles and implants. Yarn and suture materials from Lenzing Plastics are made of 100% pure PTFE and are therefore suitable for the production of special clothing all the way through use as an implant.

In addition to conventional use as yarn, suture material and dental floss, we develop many special applications in collaboration with our customers using Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE.

It is not just our flexibility that our customers appreciate. It is above all our interest and willingness to develop solutions in collaboration with them that our customers know they can count on.
Volker Biladt
ISO 13485 certification Proven quality in design, manufacturing and quality of medical intermediate products
Top supplier with experience Supplier of class 3 medical products and the market leader in the heart valve sector
Global customer network Appreciated domestically and internationally, and approved for many customer products