Grow in a safe environment Covering materials for individual greenhouses and nursery beds, as well as shading fabrics/knits for agriculture & large-scale nurseries
Protection from rain, wind & sun

Gardening and landscaping have a wide range of applications for woven goods. From simple cover protection to high-tech solutions for shading technology, anything is possible.

Our wide range of materials for protective covers is used, for example, for swimming pool and garden furniture covers, as well as for protective functions with particularly stringent requirements.

We produce various types of fabrics in our own in-house plastic weaving facility and carry out further processing on them directly at our coating and laminating facility. Because all processes, from the granulate to the finished rolled material, are carried out in-house and due to the fact that we at Lenzing Plastics have the experience and the expertise, we can improve or adapt materials on a customized basis. UV stability, chemical resistance, and flame retardant properties are of great importance, especially for outdoor applications, but high mechanical strength and sustainability are also important.

We develop optimal solutions together with our customers for their application area.

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