Industry sectors

We offer special solutions Together with our customers from trade and industry, we are enthusiastic about the solutions of tomorrow.
We offer special solutions in the fields of construction & insulation, medicine & hygiene, packaging, cable industry, automotive and technical textiles.
The right solution for every industry sectors

Construction & insulation

We specialize in the development of state-of-the-art roof sheeting, vapor barriers and insulation laminating films to offer our partners perfect insulation solutions.

Medicine & hygiene

The PTFE yarns, fibers and films made by Lenzing Plastics are the basic materials for extremely smooth, soft and - above all - biocompatible textiles and implants.

Technical textiles

Our range extends from 55 dtex to 50,000 dtex, from tapes to mono-filament and multi-filament and staple fibers. We also do the twisting in-house. This gives us multiple options for solving our customers' problems in the technical textile sector.


Our portfolio of services covers a wide range - from the packaging of highly sensitive machine parts to sustainable fruit packaging, animal feed and, last but no least, industrial packaging of bulk items for the clothing and hygiene industries.


Lenzing Plastics products are often used to protect sensitive electronics and vehicle parts from heat, as well as entire cars and car parts from environmental impacts. Car covers are also cast from our material. Other fields of application include vehicle interiors and passive safety products.

Cable industry

Whether it involves banding of power cables, shielding, labeling or to achieve outstanding electrical properties, LPG products are versatile and used worldwide.