Plastic molder

Plastic molder

As a plastic molder, you process plastic granulates as a starting material for various plastic products using modern machines. You produce a wide range of films with large extrusion systems. You also make fabrics and many other products. Processing, welding and bonding of plastics are just as much a part of our career portfolio as working on injection molding machines and thermoforming systems. Most of the machines are computer-controlled, so programming these machines is also part of your job.


As a plastic molder, you have the following tasks and challenges:

  • Producing a wide variety of products made of plastics, using the processing techniques that are customary in the industry
  • Setting up, testing, programming, operating and commissioning the plastics machinery and systems
  • Reading and using design drawings and technical documentation
  • Collecting, managing, planning and documenting technical data about work flows and assessing work results
  • Doing your work in compliance with relevant safety regulations, norms, quality and environmental standards • Selecting, preparing and checking required materials
  • Processing plastics that are free of chips and cuts
  • Finishing of surfaces
  • Recycling and proper disposal of residual products
  • Detecting and correcting defects

Apprenticeship time period:

3 years

Vocational school:

10-week course per apprenticeship year, with accommodations at the teaching facility, vocational school 1 in Steyr

Work schedule:

In this position, you will work on a shift schedule, which currently consists of four shifts

Opportunities for advancement:

Group leader, shift manager, shift foreman, day shift foreman, managerial position in middle management or higher positions

Continuing education opportunities:

Plastics technician, master craftsman school for plastics technology and much more

The following is helpful:

Interest in plastic products, mathematics, chemistry and physics

You will fit in best with us if you have the following:

  • Technical understanding
  • Craftsmanship skills
  • No fear of physical work
  • Good understanding of machines and systems
  • Good observation skills
  • Good concentration skills
  • Commitment and teamwork
  • Willingness to work shifts
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