Company Policy

Operate in partnerships and sustainably generate value Partnerships with customers and suppliers are a fundamental foundation of Lenzing Plastics' success story.
Our philosophy

Establishing trusting, long-term business relationships is our stated goal. We decline taking short-term maximization measures at the expense of our partners. With a strong network in the international market environment, Lenzing Plastics is always striving for technological supremacy and we recognize trends in their early stages.

Being successful together with our partners

We develop tailor-made solutions in collaboration with our customers. We determine product parameters in accordance with the technical possibilities and the requirements. In addition to producing first-class products, our top priority is consultation and service quality.

Responsibility for economic success

We create value with all of our activities.

We strive for long-term sustainable growth and the associated return on the capital invested by our owners. Our innovative strength and technology leadership enable us to offer our customers high-quality products and services so that they can position themselves successfully in their markets.

Responsibility to our customers

We strive for long-term customer relationships. We supply our customers with high-quality products. We develop new products in collaboration with our customers. We comply with the delivery dates promised.

Responsibility to our suppliers

We strive for long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure the reliable supply of raw materials. We work with our suppliers to come to agreements on the properties of the raw materials to ensure the quality of the manufactured products. We develop new products with our suppliers in order to continue being a niche supplier.

Responsibility for the environment

We take environmental impacts into consideration in everything we do. We are careful with our resources. We see challenges as a chance for improvements. We openly face concerns and questions about the environment, health and safety and take them into consideration in our work

Responsibility for people

We promote an environment that is characterized by respect and tolerance for each other. We interact with each other with courtesy and honesty, and we respect everyone's individual personalities. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior, for example, on the basis of origin, religion, gender or position in the company. We reject any kind of forced labor or child labor. We provide our employees with a safe workplace: We want to prevent accidents and injuries and minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals. We recognize and support qualification measures taken by our employees. We train and motivate our employees to carry out their tasks safely and with due regard to environmental impacts. Managers are responsible for maintaining a high level of awareness of safe work practices. To this end, we keep up to date on applicable legal requirements and implement them.

Acting responsibly

In all of our activities, we comply with the applicable laws and regulations. We do our work in compliance with international standards and benchmarks. We decline gifts that could lead to conflicts of interest. We regularly revise our plans and set goals to improve our standards in regard to safety, health and the environment. We start considering the possible effects on safety, health and the environment as soon as the development stage of products and processes.

We are committed to compliance with our social, legal and environmental requirements.