Flexible partner for your product ideas We use regular internal and external audits to verify compliance with requirements. The same applies, of course, to all of our organizational and quality standards.
It is second nature to us to handle resources responsibly, and to promote active environmental and employee protection.
We don't just talk about quality. We live it.

By quality, we mean much more than what is visible externally as a finished product. This definition forms the basis for five equal areas of focus for us:

  • Customers We assume that our customers naturally require the highest product quality.
  • Employees Safety, health and continuing education are basic principles and are our first priority.
  • Suppliers Supply security and technical innovation guarantee fair relationships with our partners.
  • Owners Profitability and interest earned on the capital invested are of utmost importance for a healthy company.
  • Society Environmental protection and social commitment are obvious priorities for a company that is so strongly rooted in the region.
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