PTFE films

PTFE films Wherever very high ambient temperatures, chemical resistance, mechanical loadability and very hight electrical requirements are required, Lenzing PTFE films are used.
High-performance material for the highest demands
PTFE films

The high dimensional stability of our films, combined with sophisticated winding technology enables our customers to achieve the best processing conditions and the highest electrical performance in the cable sector.

Cross-winding spools and flat spools are adapted to individual needs. We can offer widths from 1.5 mm and very low thicknesses and densities.

PTFE offers unrivaled electrical performance with the lowest dielectric constant of all solid plastics, along with excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

PTFE is used for many high-temperature applications in the data sector and in aviation.

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S-PTFE skived film, sintered 2.14 g/cm³ as a separating, sliding and thermal protection layer in the special cable sector

The special properties guarantee a high level of application safety.Also available as a stretched version ST-PTFE 2.0 g/cm³ with higher mechanical properties.


Paste-extruded PTFE film unsintered 1.6 g/cm³ for heating cables, aircraft and automotive cable applications.

These films meet the requirements according to DIN and MIL norm standards and are available in natural/transparent, white and most standard colors.
Laser-printable types for acronautical applications complete our offer.


LD PTFE films 0.7 g/cm³ for high frequency – microwave – coaxial cable applications in data transfer, military and medical field.

The low dielectric constant of these films ensures low losses and high data transfer speeds. Also available as a low-shrink version LS-LD PTFE, and crush resistant version LD-HRC-PTFE in low densities 0.5/0.4 g/cm³ with higher mechanical properties.