Automotive solutions Developed for the most demanding applications
Developed for the most demanding applications

Lenzing Plastics products are often used to protect sensitive electronics and vehicle parts from heat, as well as entire cars and car parts from environmental impacts. Car covers are also cast from our material. Other fields of application include vehicle interiors and passive safety products.

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As an industrial partner, we manufacture and develop sheet-shaped aluminum and plastic composites for the following applications:

  • heat-resistant aluminum and glass fabric composites for heat shielding
  • deco-textiles or non-woven fabrics for hat racks, loading floors and storage compartment covers with coatings or lamination as a functional solvent-free adhesive layer or as a barrier film against foaming agents
  • cover fleece for acoustic elements in the engine compartment
  • flexible protective sleeves for cable harnesses in wiring systems
  • high quality composite combinations for interior finishes
  • printable transport protection membranes for partial and complete protection
  • packaging solution for parts transport