Go Small - Think Big Innovation plays a central role at Lenzing Plastics. Our in-house technical center is at the heart of this strategy.
What is conceivable is also feasible
Innovation comes from collaboration

To us, the core of our mission is to work together with our customers on analyzing their specific problems. And this is the basis for the development of high-quality, innovative plastic products.

In our technical facility, all of our processing technologies for production are available on a smaller scale. This means that all production steps can be simulated in a manageable size.

The advantages are clear:

  • lower use of raw materials
  • flexible capacities
  • maximum range of variants
  • independent of ongoing production

For our customers, this means quick, targeted implementation of development processes. The initial tailor-made product samples for testing purposes can be produced and provided to the customer within a very short time.

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Every year, we receive hundreds of development requests from our customers, which form the basis for the standards of the future.
Andreas Brandstätter

In addition to the versatile production facilities in miniature format, there is a very wide variety of measuring and testing tools available at the technical facility to put every new development through comprehensive testing. These measurements, which are carried out right from the start of development, are at the heart of the high quality of our products.

In addition to the multiple standard testing procedures, we also offer the possibility of artificially aging products using appropriate methods. This enables the simulation of a material over its entire life cycle.

We also apply our practice-oriented approach to research and innovation in our collaborations. Research projects with colleges of applied sciences and universities, such as the Johannes Kepler University in Linz and the Montan University in Leoben, and support of work on bachelor's and master's theses help us in the development of new products and in ensuring our technical progress.