Woven and selvage tapes/film

Woven and selvage film/tapes Many years of experience using this for the challenges of the future
Strong through experience
Tapes, yarns and films for industrial applications

Our decades of experience in the packaging industry are very helpful for coming up with solutions for individual customer needs. This strength, together with close collaboration with our customers, is the basis for our market leadership. 

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Applications and Properties

Flat and spliced yarns, as well as warp films and laminates for fabric products:

  • Tarpaulins, packaging and protective fabrics
  • Geotextiles, agrotextiles, commercial horticulture
  • Technical fabrics for the building materials industry
  • Design fabrics, glare protection, sun protection, advertising banners

Tapes, films and laminates for the production of net crocheted fabrics

  • Wind, hail and bird protection nets
  • Scaffolding protection nets and tarpaulins
  • Shading and glare protection nets
  • Net sacks for agricultural products
  • Advertising banners, like at tennis courts

Closure tapes and drawstrings for trash bags:

  • in compliance with the strict regulations of the French AFNOR standard
  • in various dimensions, colors and properties
  • made of HDPE or biodegradable, home-compostable raw material
  • multiple styles, such as bobbins in cross winding, parallel discs, etc.