Mono-oriented polyolefin films

Mono-oriented polyolefin films A result of our unique technology in close collaboration with all of our partners in the added value chain.
Intelligent packaging solutions
Mono-oriented polyolefin films

MDO technology (Machine Direction Orientation) for individual packaging solutions.

This is backed up by unique product features that guarantee high customer benefits and differentiation from bulk goods.

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Foamed polypropylene films for self-adhesive labels and banderoles

These products feature density reduction of the basic material by almost 50% in combination with high strength in the longitudinal direction. This results in resource-saving use of packaging and labeling materials. The surfaces can be individually designed, which means that special print images can be created to highlight your products.

Compact mono-oriented polypropylene films as substrates for adhesive tapes, carrying handles, and easy-tear tapes.

These films impress with their enormously high strength in the machine direction. This property enables rectilinear tearing, which is a significant advantage for opening flexible packaging.